Greg McMoore Interview Summary 2/2/23

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Greg McMoore is a Community Builder and Historian

Describe your current role in the neighborhood

I am on the board at the history museum. I have been working the last 35-40 years working with African American boys and men through the criminal justice and community correction. I’ve also done research on this nationwide, researching African American men and boys being incarcerated. The health and wellbeing of underserved neighborhoods is a primary concern of ours.

When thinking about the health and wellbeing of a neighborhood, what are the major challenges facing residents from day to day?

A lot of health comes from the network within the neighborhood. Depending on where you are even in one neighborhood will have different health issues. North of here there is chemical dependency compared to down here. Where there is a Black population, there is PTSD because of our experience. The challenges people face really varies.

Based on that, what do you think are the major challenges ahead? Is it health insurance, transportation, racism in the healthcare system?

A lifestyle that leads to health issues and skepticism in the medical community. People need to have relationships within the community.

How do you think people could get a healthy relationship within the community?

People in their profession and within the community need to know who they are dealing with. One of the best things South Side did years ago, they had a Black doctor, and Black people felt really comfortable. And he had a practice that was really geared towards Black men. He knew the people and they knew him. Increasing the trust and getting the personal connection. Having the same doctor for many years vs. having a different doctor every couple years.

Compared to the 50’s and 60’s, people in the community do not know each other as well today. Interstate 35W broke up the community. People could no longer look out for each other. Prior to the interstate, the community was well connected.

How do you rebuild community networking to recreate the connections?

Investments into schools, clinics, make it a community. To get trust back into the community, you need to be there consistently. Do not be in and out of someone’s life.

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